Quality Control Over Grading

We have a professional and dedicated inspection and QC team .  Operating in the role as an indepent , objective third party -working on inspection for our every shipment .

They inspect and grade veneer , ensure conformance to our company specification and classify products according to international and industry standards ,provides the highest quality assurance for our customers.

A professional inspection is extremely important .

Our inspection perform the following duties :

  1. Inspect plywood panels , veneer sheets, panel boards and similar wood products visually for knots , holes , splits , over laps , gaps,  color difference ,straightness , and other defects , like open glue , and sort for further drying , select grades .
  2. Measure wood products to ensure conformance to the specification using measuring instruments ,gauges ,and tape measure to ensure specified thickness , length and width, moisture content , core layers etc .
  • Inspect Thickness: Using calipers to inpect one piece by one piece to make sure every pieces are qualified
  • Inspect Moisture content: Professional inpectors to measure the Moisture contents regularly,to ensure low moisture content.
  1. Inspect and guarantee the whole process of production as required .
  2. Prepare and complete inspection and grading reports for every shipment





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